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    About Company

    Who We Are ?

    Study at Chanakya is a student focused, innovative, engaging student portal that offers variety of learning content to support the student's understanding and improve the learning experience. Videos, animations, quizzes, practice tests and answer keys will help the student to be on top of the subject. Our assignments and homework will further boost their understanding of the subject and confidence as well. With the help of some of the best teachers from across the country, we have built the content and are playing a vital role in building a strong nation of educated youths.

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    Our Vision

    Our vision is to offer top class learning materials, to help students understand and reproduce the content in an effective manner. We are keen to make the portal very affordable, easily accessible at the finger tips of every learner.

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    Our Mission

    We believe in 'Content is King'. We will strive to empower our learners by improving their content and help them to showcase their potential.


    Social Responsibilty

    Today’s children are tomorrow’s youth. The quality of its youth determines the future of any country. Study at Chanakya is socially responsible for building a strong nation of educated youths. Every child has the right to get quality education provided by quality teachers and we ensure that every student has access to it. We play a vital role in the growth of our students by providing high-quality learning materials that help them understand their subjects easily and effectively. By doing so, we are building strong children for a strong nation tomorrow.